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Portable Hydroelectricity Generator for Remote Areas – Made from Recycled Parts

Self-Contained Very Low Power Mini Hydroelectric Generator

In every country there is a need for electricity in remote areas not otherwise supplied by mains power, or where generators and fuels are unavailable or too expensive.

Portable very low power hydroelectricity generator for remote areasSometimes this need can be met with solar power, wind power or another form of renewable energy. However, in many areas of the world; fuel, generators, solar panels and other standard technologies are too expensive for local people to afford, or are simply unavailable.

I’ve always been very interested in electricity generation, since my experiments with wind, wave, clockwork (wind-up), chemical and water power when I was a child. I always imagined how useful it would be to have a renewable but relatively portable power source which could be constructed and used locally in remote areas of the world, where people live in, or are bordering on poverty. Where resources such as fuel are hard to come by.

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100 Zone Wireless Site and Perimeter Security System – Ideal for Elephants and Rhinos!


Pro-Tect100 Wireless site security systemTo provide security for a large site with a high number of valuable assets distributed throughout the site. To be able to monitor everything from equipment & materials, to gates and electric animal fences.

Ideally to come up with a system that can be deployed rather than installed i.e. no hard wiring, no special skills or equipment required and no training.

Finally, the system should be easy to pick up and move to another site, and within in any given site, the sensors/transmitters should be easy to pick up and move to different locations around the site, as the need arises.

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Remote Site Alarm and Environmental Monitoring System – Protect Your Fish!


Site alarm and environmental monitoring system - remote security and peace of mindTo be able to remotely monitor the security and status of a wide range of items and conditions on any site, anywhere in the country (or in any country for that matter).

The security monitoring requirement is for the remote protection of on-site machinery and equipment, for example on building sites, roadworks and farms etc. The environmental monitoring requirement is for the protection of buildings, land, crops and animals (including fish – think ‘koi carp’ for example) etc.

The two key design goals were to produce a product/system which would work under its own power, independent of mains power for long periods of time; and also for the product/system to be wireless to allow for quick and easy remote placement.

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