100 Zone Wireless Site and Perimeter Security System – Ideal for Elephants and Rhinos!

Quick Deployment Wireless Security System Monitors up to 100 Separate Items Around a Site Within a 500m Sphere of the Receiver


Pro-Tect100 Wireless site security system - receiver unit with siren and strobeTo provide security for a large site with a high number of valuable assets distributed throughout the site. To be able to monitor everything from equipment & materials, to gates and electric animal fences.

Ideally to come up with a system that can be deployed rather than installed i.e. no hard wiring, no special skills or equipment required and no training.

Finally, the system should be easy to pick up and move to another site, and within any given site, the sensors/transmitters should be easy to pick up and move to different locations around the site, as the need arises.


To solve these problems and meet the security requirements for a wide range of related applications, I designed and developed (and built pre-production prototypes) the 'Pro-Tect100' system.

Pro-Tect100 consists of a simple digital RF receiver unit with a zone display, and up to 100 remotely placed transmitter units (each attached to a specific sensor or switch).

When a zone is triggered the receiver unit will display the zone number and activate an audible and visual alarm. The receiver unit can also be linked to another product which I designed called SAM, which has the ability to notify key personnel of an alarm condition via a mobile phone.

The Pro-Tect100 receiver unit is designed to sit in an office or site cabin, and is mains powered. The transmitter units are battery operated (a single PP3 providing a good 12 month's operational life), very small and can be triggered by a wide variety of switches and sensors connected via the transmitter unit's N/O or N/C terminal connector block.

I've provided all the artworks, programs and parts lists etc., in a zip file below under resources.

Uses / Applications:

The security industry is saturated with wireless and hard-wired alarm systems and sensors. Despite this, we were still receiving enquiries from individuals and organisations asking if we could design or customise a particular solution for them, generally because there was nothing on the market that met their exact requirements.

We realised over time that the major security manufacturers all tended to compete directly with one another and this generally resulted in a similar product range which was aimed squarely at the mass markets and age old client base. There was nothing available at the time to suit the hundreds of smaller applications/markets that required something a little different.

For example, we were approached by a major theme park and asked if we could customise or design an alarm system for them which could monitor the electric fences used to help contain many of their animals, including rhinos and elephants! The fences were often being damaged and had to be checked regularly every day by staff, since a rhino on the loose in a theme park might have a slightly negative impact on visitors 🙂

We received a lot of enquiries for unusual applications like this, from construction companies, schools, caravan sites, other theme parks, zoos, and even a small airport. This was my motivation for designing the Pro-Tect100. I've listed some of the possible applications below based on enquiries we received from the time and also a few ideas I had myself.

These are some of the potential targets/markets/uses for Pro-Tect100. Many are similar to the applications I listed for my SAM product, since there is some overlap, but there a number of specific applications just for the Pro-Tect100.

  1. Building sites - attach a transmitter/tilt switch to a diesel generator, a stack of copper pipes, an unfitted boiler unit on a housing development build, rolls of cable, fork lifts, diggers, site cabins etc. The idea being to chuck a transmitter/sensor pair onto anything that moves or anything of value thus protecting an entire site in a few minutes.
  2. Farms - a receiver unit placed in a house or farm office and transmitter/sensor pairs attached to various farm machinery, equipment and possibly gates and access points.
  3. Boats - Pro-Tect100 could provide a simple solution to protecting dozens or even hundreds of moored boats and yachts in a harbour or repair/maintenance facility. Stick a transmitter/door switch pair on each boat and monitor them all from the site office.

  4. Caravans and motor homes - same as for boats, ideal for sales lots where there are a lot of vehicles sat for long periods of time in the open. Traditional security measures such as surveillance are expensive and have limitations, with the Pro-Tect100 a transmitter/sensor pair can dropped into each caravan or motorhome and the whole lot monitored from the sales office with the receiver linked to a phone dialler for overnight security.

  5. Zoos and theme parks - transmitter/voltage sensor attached to segments of an electric perimeter fence. When a segment fails the Pro-Tect100 receiver will display the damaged zone.
  6. Stables - a transmitter/switch pair fitted to each stable door would provide 24 hour access monitoring.
  7. Private estates - monitor all gates, external doors and access points with transmitter/swtich pair. Any unauthorised access would be displayed as a zone indication on the receiver unit.
  8. Schools and universities - an interesting possibility would be to use Pro-Tect100 as an 'assistance call' system for emergencies or even for lower level assistance required notifications. For example, a transmitter/hand-button pair mounted on the wall in each classroom behind the teacher's main position. The receiver unit stationed in the main school office with a fairly low level alarm attached.

    In an emergency or urgent situation, a teacher or student could activate the classroom transmitter, and the receiver would sound a local alarm and indicate the zone on its display. Anyone in the office could check the zone against a chart and determine quickly, which classroom requires assistance.

The main advantage in using the Pro-Tect100 system is the ability to quickly deploy the transmitter/sensor units and then obtain a specific zone indication upon activation.

Please feel free to use my entire Pro-Tect100 product/system or any aspect or component of it, for your own applications/designs or uses.


Zip file containing pcb artworks, pic programs, parts lists, memory maps etc.

Pro-Tect100 (zip 434Kb)

I deliberately kept the image resolution fairly low in the Pro-Tect100 manual in order to ensure a fast download.

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