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Synchronising Binoculars & Telescopes for Shared Viewing

Found an Amazing Object with Your Binoculars or Telescope? Share its Location Without Pointing and Explaining 🙂

Identifying the Need & Defining the Problem

A ranger trying to explain the location of an interesting object to a tourist with binocularsI’ve often found myself in the following situation, for example when bird watching. I see something interesting, maybe a kingfisher under a tree some distance away, I use my binoculars to get a closer look then try to explain its location to my friend so he can look too, with ‘his’ binoculars.

The problem is that by the time I’ve managed to explain its location with lots of pointing and gesturing – “Its near that brown tree, the one with green leaves…” 😉 it’s often too late and the object (kingfisher in this case) has disappeared!

I wanted something that would allow my friend(s) to share my viewpoint literally and to enable them to instantly locate and pinpoint the same object at which I was looking. This way, when one of us found something interesting, the other(s) could share it too, without several minutes of discussion and gesturing 😉 This is even more important of course when bird watching, since you don’t want any unnecessary noise or commotion.

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