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Snooker Rest – Spider Bridge Hand Extensions for Awkward Cueing Situations

Hand mounted snooker spider for close range bridging over ballsA snooker player’s bridge hand has limits and when these are reached, some form of artificial bridge/rest/spider is required to extend the player’s range, elevation or angle in order to continue with the shot. The problem with these artificial bridges/rests is that they take the player away from close contact with the cue ball and a fair amount of ‘touch’ or control can be lost due to the distance i.e. the length (and weight) of the rest/spider handle.

My idea to help overcome the loss of control caused by the use of rests is to simply remove the ‘business end’ of rests and provide them as an attachment/glove that can be used/worn directly on the player’s bridge hand. Continue reading


What Causes Kicks and Bad or Heavy Contacts in Snooker?

Snooker Ball Kicks and Bad Contacts – a Possible Solution


I'm pretty sure snooker ball kicks and bad contacts have nothing to do with Saturn's rings, but it's a great photo :-)Anyone who has watched snooker or played snooker will be familiar with the problem of kicks and bad contacts which occur sometimes when one ball makes contact with another; cue to object.

Sometimes the object ball jumps into the air a few millimetres, sometimes the pace is taken out of the cue ball, and sometimes, the object ball goes off at an unintended angle. Also, I notice that my friends seem to get a lot of kicks just prior to missing easy shots 😉 This aspect of the phenomenon may also be worthy of further scientific investigation. Continue reading

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