My Free Inventions, Ideas and Solutions - FAQ

  • All my own original inventions, ideas and solutions which I have posted on are freely available for you to use without restriction - copyright free, patent free, absolutely no strings attached :-)
  • If I post about, or discuss a third party invention, I will clearly indicate it as such. For example, I want to create a section in my blog to discuss great inventors and inventions just out of interest.
  • If you have previously patented or applied for a patent in your own right, on an invention which is 'identical' to one of my own which I have published here on my blog; send me a copy. If the date is genuinely prior to my own blog publishing date, I will consider adding an update referencing your patent.
  • My aim is to make available the total of approximately 1000+ inventions, ideas and solutions which I have on my books. I will also regularly include new inventions and ideas as they occur to me.
  • All my own posts (text and my own images) are available for use copyright free, no restrictions, no attribution required (of course, if you are feeling generous, a link back would be most welcome). I do also use a number of third party images which are clearly referenced or attributed, obviously these would be subject to their respective copyright restrictions; usually Creative Commons.

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