My Free Inventions, Ideas and Solutions - FAQ

  • All my own original inventions, ideas and solutions which I have posted on are freely available for you to use without restriction - copyright free, patent free, absolutely no strings attached 🙂
  • If I post about, or discuss a third party invention, I will clearly indicate it as such. For example, I want to create a section in my blog to discuss great inventors and inventions just out of interest.
  • If you have previously patented or applied for a patent in your own right, on an invention which is 'identical' to one of my own which I have published here on my blog; send me a copy. If the date is genuinely prior to my own blog publishing date, I will consider adding an update referencing your patent.
  • My aim is to make available the total of approximately 1000+ inventions, ideas and solutions which I have on my books. I will also regularly include new inventions and ideas as they occur to me.
  • All my own posts (text and my own images) are available for use copyright free, no restrictions, no attribution required (of course, if you are feeling generous, a link back would be most welcome). I do also use a number of third party images which are clearly referenced or attributed, obviously these would be subject to their respective copyright restrictions; usually Creative Commons.

One Response to FAQ

  1. Brian,
    Our lives are running in parallel, although you are on a much grander scale! I have a couple of expired patents and a few inventions that I want to share with the world free, for the same reasons! The consensuses of the business world seems to be that, if you sell your ideas, you’re in business, if you’re giving them away, it’s a hobby! I have developed a skimmer that will skim just about anything that floats and take it directly to storage with no power or no moving parts and no bio hazardous material involved!
    My skimmer can be used by companies or individuals involved in recovery, the ports, airports, transportation companies, military motor pools, companies involved in coastal cleanup, environmental groups, or bio fuel companies collecting floating aquatics,.
    I have a working prototype that I have tested and videoed with the help of volunteers, I’m wearing all the hats, but need assistance to conduct additional testing, demonstrations, and to and make a sellable product. And most important, I need help to develop a successful business and profitable marketing plan using the internet! Zig Ziglar said “If you could help enough people get what they want life, you’ll get what you want out of life” I would like to build a website where we will share with the world inventions, innovations and new ideas, allowing anyone to manufacture sell or use with no restrictions FREE, then find ways to monetize the site including inviting other inventors to post their inventions and innovations and new ideas.
    Brian, is your site making you any money? What are your thoughts? Please contact me, Thanks David cell 912-667-4772